16 villages liberated in Operation Cizire Storm

YPG Press Office announced that 16 villages have been liberated in the ongoing Operation Cizire Storm.

People’s Defense Units (YPG) Press Office released a statement reporting that SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) fighters are advancing towards the southern line from three directions with the ultimate goal of liberating the eastern region of al-Sur and Megeda town.

The statement said the Operation Cizire Storm which was launched to liberate the eastern countryside and border line of Deir ez-Sor continues at full speed.

The statement reads as follows;

“Following the liberation of al-Dashisha and al-Tomin towns alongside dozens of villages, SDF fighters are now advancing towards the southern line of the border from three directions in order to liberate the eastern region of al-Sur and Megeda town. Following confrontations with ISIS gangs, SDF fighters have destroyed a number of positions where the gangs were stationed.

After one week of clashes, SDF fighters have liberated 16 villages, which are; Hamlît, Bab El-Xêr, El-Becarî, Ebûd El-Cedan, Hebat El-Nezal, Um Xebra, Umer, El-Welîd, Bîr El-Emran and some small villages and hamlets.

In Al-Rawda, one of the villages where the gangs were stationed, the gangs planted a large number of mines, also in the houses of civilians, in an attempt to prevent the advance of SDF fighters. The insistence of SDF fighters to liberate the village resulted in the gangs remaining stranded. In the wake of fierce clashes, in which SDF special forces also engaged, the gangs in the village were killed and the village was fully liberated.

A large quantity of ammunition was seized by the fighters in the village.

Residents returned to their village after it was liberated and welcomed the fighters with open arms and great joy, which bolstered the SDF’s commitment to make further advances.

SDF fighters are continuing their operations to protect the region from the attacks of the gangs. While ISIS gangs are launching attacks to protect their remaining bases, SDF fighters are repelling all the attacks and frustrating the attempts of the gangs.”