26 cooperation agreements signed between Turkey and Iraq

The Turkish state signed 24 cooperation agreements in Iraq, including the "Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Water" and the "Memorandum of Understanding on the Strategic Framework".

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan of the ruling AKP travelled to Iraq for a series of meetings as the army launched a new invasion attack on southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). In Baghdad, he met with Iraqi President Abdullatif Rashid and Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiya al-Sudani.

Under the auspices of Erdoğan and Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiya al-Sudani, a 4-way memorandum of understanding was signed between Iraq, Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates on cooperation in the Development Road Project. The transport-infrastructure ministers of the three countries and the energy-infrastructure minister of the UAE were also present at the signing ceremony.

In addition, 24 cooperation agreements were signed between Iraq and Turkey, including the "Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Water" and the "Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Framework". A 10-year Water Resources Management Agreement was reached with Iraq.

Joint steps against the PKK

A joint press conference was held after the meeting between Erdoğan and Sudani. Speaking at the press conference, Erdoğan expressed his satisfaction with Iraq's declaration of the PKK as a "banned organisation". Stating that they talked about joint steps against the PKK together with Iraq, Erdoğan referred to the strategic cooperation agreements they signed with Iraq.

Barzani hopes for 'peace and stability' from the occupier

Erdoğan, who travelled to Hewlêr (Erbil) after his visit to Baghdad, was welcomed by Nechirvan Barzani, President of the Federal Kurdistan Region. Barzani, who posted on his X account in Turkish, said that he was happy to welcome Erdoğan in Hewlêr and that they would discuss issues such as "peace, stability and economic development".