3-year-old boy shot in the head in Ceylanpınar

A bullet reportedly fired from Serêkaniyê which is under Turkish occupation, hit a 3-year-old boy in Ceylanpınar district of Urfa province bordering with Syria. The boy was seriously injured.

A bullet reportedy fired from the Turkish occupied city of Serêkaniyê in Rojava seriously injured a 3-year-old boy named T.D in Ceylanpınar district of Urfa province bordering Syria.

It is reported that the boy was shot in the head on Tuesday, August 10, in the border neighbourhood Bahçelievler.

The child, who was seriously injured while sleeping in his bed, was taken to Ceylanpınar State Hospital. The child's life is still in jeopardy.

11-year-old H.C. who lives in the same neighbourhood was also seriously injured in a similar way 76 days ago. H.C. is still fighting for his life in a hospital.