7 including 4 lawyers detained in People’s Law Office

The AKP regime’s police detained 4 lawyers and 3 civilians in an operation against the People’s Law Office.

The People’s Law Office (HHB) in Istanbul was subjected to a police raid in the early hours of the morning.

The People’s Law Office posted on Twitter and said 7 people were detained in the operation, pointing out that the operation came after the legal reforms.

The statement said: “The legal reforms [President of Turkish Bars Association] Feyzioglu couldn’t stop applauding are coming to fruition. In the raid against the People’s Law Office, our lawyers Aysegul Cagatay, Nadide Ozdemir, Gorkem Agdede and Ebru Timtik, the brother of one of our lawyers Ozhan Aslan, our secretary Gulser Sarigul and our client Kamile Kayir have been detained.

Break things down as much as you want, threaten us with detention and arrest, we will not bow down and we will not give up. We will not give up our quest for justice, we will not give up on demanding freedom for our friends, we will not give up on demanding freedom and the right to health for Barkin.

They couldn’t tear us down with detentions, arrests and sentences, now they attack our working and living spaces. How many raids has it been? Our fury will rise, regroup, and we will fight harder. That is what they will achieve, nothing else.”

The reason for the detentions or where the detainees were taken were not explained.