Abdi: Erdoğan’s concern is not about security but about invasion

The General Commander of the SDF spoke about the threats made by the Turkish regime leader Erdoğan against North and East Syria.

Mazlum Abdi, General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), assessed Turkey's current threats against North and East Syria to Medya Haber TV. He emphasized that the AKP regime was not concerned with "border security" because it was fulfilled with the implementation of the security agreement, but with occupying the region and building a colony. Abdi stressed that neither they nor the coalition would accept such an approach.

Abdi also referred to the constitutional committee for Syria dictated by Turkey, Russia and Iran to the United Nations and stated that they would not take the decisions of this committee seriously, as long as one-third of Syria was not represented in it.

The "safe zone" is nothing more than a dream

Abdi pointed out that AKP Leader and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced to the whole world in his speech at United Nations (UN) General Assembly that he wanted to invade Nort-East Syria and that his plan to this end was ready.

He continued; "It's perfectly clear that this is an invasion plan that involves changing demographic structure, i.e. to dekurdify the region. The implementation of this plan is impossible. Neither we nor the peoples of Syria nor any international power can accept this plan. The peoples of North and East Syria will not allow this plan. Even the Syrian people currently in Turkey will not accept being made a tool of this plan. North and East Syria is neither abandoned nor defenseless. Bringing others here, building towns and villages for them, and distributing the fields to them is just a dream. It will never be possible to realize this plan.

Everyone can return home

What we and all have accepted is this: All refugees, whether they fled to Turkey or elsewhere, can return home, to their own country. This is what we have accepted as part of the 'security mechanism' for North and East Syria. The return of these persons will be supported. There is only one condition, if there are persons among the returnees who have committed crimes against the people then they will be brought to justice. Nobody is prevented from returning.”

"Border control mechanism" is implemented

SDF Commander stressed that an agreement on border security had been reached between the US and Turkey and the US and the SDF, and continued: "The mechanism is supposed to be implemented at three stages. So far it has worked without any problems. As SDF we have completely fulfilled our part. We can say that the road map determined in this agreement, in other words the calendar is progressing well. Some steps should be completed by the end of last month and that's what happened. There are also some stages that are currently being implemented. There is no visible problem. The agreement is being implemented as agreed, and so it will continue. It will take time to complete everything.”

Big mistake in the Constitutional Committee

Abdi criticized the fact that not only the Kurdish population, but also the Arabs, Turkmens, Syriacs, ie all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, had been expelled from the Constitutional Committee for Syria imposed by the United Nations on Turkey, Iran and Russia; “This is a big mistake: A project that excludes the representatives of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, that is one third of the country, cannot be successful. We assume that this was done under pressure from the Turkish state. Those who support the formation of the committee seem content with it. That's a big mistake. If the constituents and representatives of this region are not involved in the resolution process, then we will not accept the results to come out. We will reject any result. If a solution is truly wanted, then the participation of the representatives of this region is a prerequisite. Also the approval of the peoples in this region is absolutely necessary for a constitution to be formed."