Abdullah Öcalan's ideas discussed at the University of Valencia

Within the framework of the Days of Dialogue with Öcalan, the Catalan Students' Union in Valencia discussed the situation of Kurdistan and Catalan countries and put forward ideas on the axis of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigms.

The Catalan Students' Union (SEPC) organised a debate entitled "Days of Dialogue with Öcalan" at the University of Valencia. The discussion platform was attended by about 20 people, mostly students.

During the event, the unlawfulness of the isolation system against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the importance of his liberation were emphasised. The history, geography and people's struggle for freedom in Kurdistan and the history of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, which is organised based on Abdullah Öcalan's ideas, practice and role model, were also discussed.

The event also included presentations on the history, resistance and current situation in the Catalan country. Questions about the preservation of language and culture in the face of state repression led to a lively debate.

There were also discussions on class struggle and national struggle. The history and paradigm shift of the Kurdish Freedom Movement was explained and thoughts were expressed on the situation in Valencia.

Finally, a discussion was held on the status and preservation of culture and the role of women, and the importance of eliminating the male-dominant and orientalist perspectives.