Activists in Kassel celebrate the PKK on its 42nd anniversary

The 42nd anniversary of the PKK was celebrated with a march in Kassel.

A march was organized by Tevgera Ciwanên Shoreshger and Kassel People's Assembly to mark the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of the PKK.

In the speech given before the march, activits condemned the 27-year long PKK ban imposed by Germany.

In addition to the photos of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, TCŞ and YPG flags, photos of martyrs Mazlum Doğan and Zîlan (Zeynep Kınacı), leading cadres of the PKK, were carried by activists.

Banners that read "We started young, we will succeed young" and "Death to fascism, freedom to Kurdistan" were carried and a giant PKK flag was unfurled.

The march ended in a rally in Köningsplatz.