Activists in many Europan cities protest Turkish attacks

Kurds and their friends once again took to the streets in Hamburg, Cologne, Solothurn, Geneva and Marseille to protest the attacks of the invading Turkish state.

Activists in Europe once again took to the streets to protest Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan.


The attacks of the Turkish state and the political coup against HDP were protested in Hamburg

At the rally supported by anti-fascist German groups, left party Hamburg Group President Cansu Özdemir addressed the crowd. Özdemir condemned the silence of international forces about the attacks.


The attacks of the Turkish state were protested in Cologne in an action in Neumarkt with the slogan “Stop the massacres in Kurdistan”.


In the city of Solothurn, protesters gathered to protest the Turkish state's invasion and genocide attacks.


An action was also held in Geneva, in front of the central post office.

In the speeches made in the action, attention was drawn to the commercial relations of Switzerland with the Turkish state. Activists asked the UN and European states to take a common attitude towards the occupations and massacres.


In the city of Marseille young people gathered in Belle Mai square, to protest the Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan.


In the suburb of Villeneuve-Saint-George in Paris youth and activists from JIS and JCA also protested the attacks carried out by Turkey.

Young people carrying a banner saying “No to Turkish fascism” and “Terrorist Erdogan” in French shouted slogans such as "Murderer Erdoğan", "Bijî Serok Apo".