Activists in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main protest Turkish attacks on Rojava

Activists gathered in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main, and in other German cities, to protest against the ongoing Turkish attacks on Rojava.

The civilian infrastructure in Rojava has been under attack by the Turkish army for days. Electricity and water supplies have been hit in many cities and in the middle of winter the fuel supply is also in danger of coming to a standstill due to the destruction caused by the attacks. But there are protests in many places.

On Wednesday, activists took to the streets in Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, among other German cities, to protest against the criminal attacks.


Two actions took place in Stuttgart. The first was part of the “100,000 Cards for Abdullah Öcalan” campaign. Postcards were sent to Imrali, where the Kurdish people’s leader has been held in solitary confinement since 1999. There has been no sign of life from him for almost three years.

The second action was held at “Kobanê Square” in Stuttgart city center to protest against the attacks on Rojava. Activists criticized the international silence on the Turkish attacks on Rojava and especially the civilian population and expressed solidarity with the resistance.

Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt, the youth movements TCŞ and TekoJIN promoted a protest. The activists marched through the city with YPG and YPJ flags.


Young activists organized a demonstration in Hamburg. The activists marched loudly from Harburg train station to the district's town hall.

One activist said: “As you know, the attacks by the fascist Turkish state in Rojava-Kurdistan continue. As Kurdish youths we say: As long as the attacks on Rojava continue, we will take to the streets, and we will always resist. From now on, we will take our place on the street, in the neighborhood, in the city, in the coffeehouse, wherever resistance is necessary.”