Activists in the UK and Armenia protest isolation

The Kurdish organisations in England and Armenia, joined the "Stop Isolation, Fascism, Occupation, Time to Ensure Freedom" initiative with action and press statements.

Actions were organised within the scope of the initiative "End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation, Time to Ensure Freedom" in London and the village of Araksi in Armenia.


The KCK announced during the week the launch of the ‘End to Isolation, Fascism and Occupations; Time to Ensure Freedom" initiative and Kurds and their friends in London organised the first action of the initiative.

People of Kurdistan and their friends gathered at Picadilly Circus Square in London, with Kurdish people's leader Öcalan’s photos and chanted slogans like "Freedom for Öcalan", "Biji Serok Apo, end to fascism", "Terrorist Turkish state", "End isolation".

The action was joined by members of the London Kurdish People's Assembly, British Kurdish People's Assembly, Freedom for Öcalan campaign, Kurdish Women's Initiative and Kurdistan Freedom Campaign. A press release in English, Kurdish and Turkish was read put by activists.


The Kurds of Armenia also organised an action to join the KCK’s initiative. They held a press statement demanding freedom for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Before the press release in the village of Araksi, in the Oktoberyan district, the Kurdish institutions in Armenia evaluated the importance of the new initiative.

In his speech, Kurdistan Committee member Milo Kalaşyan, saluted the initiative launched by the KCK and demanded freedom for Kurdish people's leader Öcalan.

Denouncing betrayal, Kalaşyan said: “The interstates conspiracy against Öcalan and the Kurdish Freedom Movement has been voided by the resistance of the guerrilla and the people. The resistance of the people and the guerrilla will overthrow fascism, isolation will be broken and Öcalan will be freed.”

The mother of martyr Kubar Kalashyan, a member of the Free Women's Union of Armenia, said in her speech: “Despite all the attacks, the Kurdish people are standing up. We will stand up tirelessly until the freedom of Öcalan is secured. The freedom of Öcalan is a priority duty especially for us women and we will struggle for it."