Amed HDP candidates: This victory is for the hunger strikers

HDP Amed candidates said that the victory is for the hunger strikers and show the will of people for peace.

HDP Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor candidate, Selcuk Mızraklı, who secured victory by a large margin, said the election results were a clear indication of opposition to isolation and dedicated the triumph to Leyla Güven and Gültan Kışanak, who are on hunger strike.

After winning the 2014 local elections with 55,1% of the votes, Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı were replaced by a State-appointed trustee.

On Sunday the HDP claimed Amed back with a higher result, winning the 63% (unofficial result). 

HDP co-mayor candidates Selcuk Mızraklı and Hülya Alökmen Uyanık beat the AKP's candidate and trustee Cumali Atilla, who only got 30% of the votes.

According to unofficial results in the elections held in the city, HDP regained the Amed Metropolitan Municipality with 63% of the vote. Kayyum Atilla's vote was 30 percent.

Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors candidates Selcuk Mızraklı and Hülya Alökmen Uyanık gave their first message to the Mesopotamian Agency (MA).

Selcuk Mızraklı said: “This result is an indication of the rising opposition of the people against isolation. This victory is for Leyla Güven and Gültan Kışanak. The Kurdish people have clearly stated their will, determination and belief. They have expressed their desire for peace and coexistence of peoples.”

Hülya Uyanık said that the results were the reflection of the people's will. “The Kurdish people have once again demonstrated their commitment to peace, coexistence and the democratization of this country. Everyone needs to respect this result.”