Amed trustee fires eight municipality workers

The trustee appointed to the seized Amed Metropolitan Municipality fired 8 people along with Lisa Çalan, who lost her legs in the attack against a HDP rally.

Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, the trustee appointed by the State to Amed Metropolitan Municipality, was fired 8 people along with Lisa Çalan who lost her legs in the attack against the rally organized by HDP in 2015.

Çalan had been working as a stage designer at the Department of Culture and Social Affairs since 2016 was fired together with Ruknettin Gün, Rezan Kaya, Zeycan Ateş, Sarya Yiğit Cengiz, Abdulhalim Biçer, İslam Dağdeviren, Hoşyar Öncü.

Sarya Yigit Cengiz had given birth 8 days ago and was on maternity leave.