Autonomous Administration in Europe: Take action!

The European Representation of the Autonomous Administration appealed on Kurds to unite, leaving all differences aside. The Representation urged Kurds and their friends living in Europe to stand up against the Turkish occupation.

The European Representation of the Autonomous Administration of North and East syria said in a written statement: "Northern and Eastern Syria have been subjected to brutal and barbaric attacks since 9 October, when the occupying Turkish state and terrorist mercenaries targeted civilian settlements with warplanes and all sorts of weapons. The attacks also target churches, mosques, historical sites and refugees camps."

'200 civilians fell as martyrs'

The statement added: "The barbaric attacks carried out by the occupied Turkish state have caused the death of 200 civilians while hundreds of them have been seriously injured. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes because of the violent attacks."

'Let's differences aside and be united'

The statement continued: "The invading Turkish state is carrying out brutal attacks against the gains made by the Autonomous Administration and the military success of the SDF against ISIS.

The occupation attacks that took place after the defeat of ISIS are aimed at realizing the Turkish state's dream of a new Ottomanism and at changing the demography of the region."

The Autonomous Administration recalled that "our mission is to fulfill our duties and to take responsibility in the sensitive and dangerous process developing in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Today, all parties, institutions and organizations, should put aside our differences and unite against the Turkish state to serve at best the interests of the people of the region."

'Let's promote actions all around Europe'

The statement called "on all our people to stand by the relentless resistance of the SDF against the invading Turkish state and to organize marches and protests in every city in Europe.

We call on the people who support Syria, Kurdistan and peace to demonstrate against the Turkish state occupation."

Call to the European countries

The statement ended with a call to Europe: "We consider the European countries' attitude towards the Turkish state to be positive and call for more active action to stop the attacks."