Basque MEP Barrena: Öcalan is a worldwide political reference and should be released

Member of the European Parliament Pernando Barrena said that Abdullah Öcalan, whom he described as "a worldwide political reference", should be free.

European Parliament Left Group Parliamentarian Pernando Barrena from Euskal Herria Bildu, the largest coalition party of the Basque Country, spoke to ANF about the isolation conditions and the campaign for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

'This isolation is inhumane'

MEP Barrena said: “The absolute isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan is absolutely inhumane and unfair. This situation must end immediately. The Kurdish People's Leader has already been held captive in Imrali for 25 years. Öcalan's conditions in prison are far from human rights standards."

'A unique isolation'

Barrena said: “The conditions in which Öcalan is being held have not been seen anywhere in the world, except for the conditions of Mandela, who was held captive by the Apartheid regime."

'Long detention is unacceptable'

Barrena continued: “Isolation conditions are a situation that is absolutely opposed and rejected by international human rights as a whole. Many people are against the death penalty. But it should be added that life imprisonment is also unacceptable."

'Abdullah Öcalan is a worldwide political reference'

Barrena added: "Abdullah Öcalan is a worldwide political reference among leaders fighting for their own people. He is someone who fights for freedom and peace for the Kurdish people. In addition, Mr. Öcalan's Democratic Confederalism paradigm and proposal is a very important starting point for ensuring peace for our future and respecting the rights of the Kurdish people."