Basque Parliament hosts meeting about Kurds

A meeting on the situation of the Kurds was held in the Basque Parliament.

Eyyüp Doru represented the Kurds at the meeting held at the Basque Parliament Foreign Relations Committee. The meeting, attended by the representatives of the Basque parties, addressed the general situation of the Kurds and in particular the situation in North Kurdistand and Rojava.

Kurdish representative Eyyüp Doru said that the situation of political prisoners and the removal of the PKK from the European Union's list of terrorist organizations were also discussed at the meeting.

Left-wing parties in parliament, Bildu, Izquierda Unida and Podemos, said that the PKK should be removed from the list of terrorist organisations.

Doru said that the parties emphasized the need for other parties to accept and defend the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people and support a peaceful solution to the Kurdish problem.

Doru pointed out that the Basque deputies submitted a proposal to the parliament for the recognition of Rojava and added that this is the third time that they have held such meetings at the Basque Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee.