Birthday celebration for internationalist HPG guerrilla Jakob Şiyar Gabar

Jakob Şiyar Gabar died in 2018 as an internationalist guerrilla fighter in a Turkish airstrike in Çarçella. On his 27th birthday, friends and family gathered to remember him and shared moments.

More than three years have passed since Şiyar Gabar (Jacob) fell a martyr. An internationalist, he had decided young to join the PKK and wage his struggle for a liberated world in the mountains of Kurdistan. On July 9, 2018, he fell as a guerrilla fighter in Çarçella, a region in northern Kurdistan's Gever (tr. Yüksekova) by the Zagros Mountains, in an airstrike by the Turkish army.

If Jacob were still alive, he would have celebrated his 27th birthday on Sunday. Therefore, friends and his family gathered to remember the internationalist together. The day was spent together, there was coffee and cake. In memory of Jacob and his joy for soccer, a small game was organized, in which some of his long-time friends participated.

"It is beautiful and precious to come together like this and spend together the day a beloved friend was born, to remember his life and be with each other. This is also a way to keep the memories alive," shared an old school friend of Jacob's. Many of those present saw each other for the first time after a long time, exchanged stories and told about past stories, common experiences. Pictures from Jakob's youth were brought along and old recordings of band performances were shown. It was a precious day full of shared moments that make life so special. Rojbûna te pîroz be, Jakob.