Call to boycott tourism in Turkey after racist mob attack

People in South Kurdistan issued a call to boycott holidaying in Turkey after racist mob attack in the Black Sea.

Following the vicious racist attack against a group of South Kurdish tourists in Uzungöl in Trabzon (on the Black Sea), a group of journalists, activists and citizens called on people to boycott tourism in Turkey.

The call asked people to think twice about the choice for their holidays time. A boycott campaign was also launched on social media.

What happened in Uzungöl

Some tourists from South Kurdistan were attacked as they were taking photographs for wearing a scarf that said “Kurdistan” on it.

The lynching attempt was filmed by a passerby, who actually turned out to be a racist himself as he is heard cursing at the tourists while filming the attack.

After minutes of kicks and punches, gendarmerie units removed the people who had been attacked and actually detained them.

Women and children were also in the group of around 50 tourists.