CDK-F calls on all Kurds living in France and their friends to attend march in Düsseldorf tomorrow

The CDK-F called on all Kurds living in France and their friends to attend the march in Düsseldorf with the slogan ‘Defend Kurdistan’.

The French Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-F) said in a statement: "Let's meet in Düsseldorf with the spirit of resistance and struggle around the slogan ‘Defend Kurdistan’ against the Turkish occupation. The CDK-F called for strong participation in the Düsseldorf march on 25 June.

The CDK-F said: "In Düsseldorf, we will be shouting out the just demands of our  struggle with a spirit of resistance.

To watch silently while the villages are destroyed and children and women are slaughtered in the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state in South Kurdistan and Rojava means being a partner in crime. The time has come to put an end to the attacks by the dictator Erdogan and the Turkish army, which is using chemical weapons against the guerrillas. While these massacres are being carried out, one cannot remain silent. We are all responsible for fulfilling our duty of conscience, honour and dignity. In this respect, mobilization is the only way to defend our existence and our country. The road is resistance. Now is the time to act.

The CDKF calls on all Kurds living in France, our French friends, left-socialist-democratic circles and all individuals with a conscience of humanity to gather around the slogan of ‘Defend Kurdistan in Düsseldorf and support the resistance."