Children of Fire Initiative sets fire to factories in 5 cities

The Children of Fire Initiative announced that they set fire to several factories in 5 cities.

In a written statement announcing the details of their latest actions, the Children of Fire Initiative said, “We set fire to Kelebek Furniture Factory in Düzce, which supported the Turkish economy, causing extensive damage. Besides, many workplaces in Sakarya, Antalya, Bursa and İstanbul were burned down by our units. We brought the massacres in Kurdistan to account, and we will.”

According to the statement, the Initiative set fire to;

A textile factory belonging to the AKP members in Esenyurt, Istanbul on 30 December,

A workplace belonging to the MHP members in Eskişehir Industrial Site in Arifiye district of Sakarya; a pallet and tire storage belonging to anti-Kurd fascists in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul on 29 December,

Kelebek Furniture Factory belonging to the AKP members in Düzce, a recycling facility belonging to the MHP members in Osmangazi district of Bursa, and a three-storey workplace belonging to fascists in Antalya on 27 December,

An oil factory belonging to the fascists in Bandırma district of Balıkesir on 21 December.