Co-mayor of Özalp transferred to Erzurum

The deposed co-mayor of Özalp, who has been imprisoned since the beginning of December, has been transferred from Van to Erzurum.

The deposed co-mayor of the Özalp district in Van province, Dilan Örenci, who was imprisoned on terror charges, has been transferred from the T-type high-security prison in Van to a detention centre in Erzurum, around 500 kilometres away.

Kurdish politician Dilan Örenci has been in prison since 6 December 2019. The outrageous indictment accuses her of "membership to a terrorist organisation" and "terror propaganda ". As justification, the public prosecutor's office delivered an anonymous Whatsapp message. A photo of Örenci taking part in a rally of the women's movement has also found its way into the indictment.

Örenci suffers from the rare hereditary disease HAE (Hereditary Angioedema). Hereditary angioedema is a genetic disease that causes recurring swelling (edema) of the skin, mucous membranes and internal organs, which can be life-threatening under certain circumstances. Adequate treatment cannot be guaranteed in prison. A few days after her imprisonment she had been admitted to hospital due to massive health problems.