Dangers of an early election

Bahçeli wanted it, Erdogan saw it convenient, so the early general election was called. 

Bahçeli wanted it, Erdogan saw it convenient, so the early general election was called. 

Yet there was still 18 months before the end of the current legislature. There was not numerical problem. Although they have completely lost their functionality, they still enjoy the majority in the Assembly. 

They could extend the OHAL system as much as they pleased, and they could take law enforcement decision as much as they desired. If they had a recipe for it, they could stop the negative trend in the economy without going to the election. There is no guarantee that they will actually re-enter parliament with the same number of deputies in the 24 June elections. Despite this, they have taken the decision to call for early election.

So why early elections? Though at the beginning it might have worked, the approach of the two fascist minds of sublimating violence turned out to be a boomerang. The propagandists have fallen into a situation where they can not make much impact on the violence-dependent section. 

After a long wave of nationalist hysteria gushing up in the community, it finally collapsed. They lost their power. Of course, the AKP-MHP fascist alliance had actually reached the top on the inhuman treatment and pressure they imposed on every area of ​​life. They cannot go beyond that, they just repeat themselves. The next stage would be the declining process, like a rolling rock, till it disintegrates and disperses.

Fascism is a regime of mischief. With this feature, the society tries to create an atmosphere of irrational and angry aggression or to create an environment and to reduce the necessities of co-existence. As Adorno puts it, fascists aim is to make people a mass ready to use without a direct logical political purpose against other, by provoking 'mass psychology' as a method and create pogroms. 

Bahçeli's party has always been a corrupt party. Erdogan also said that. They have revealed all tricks to ensure the Turkish society identify Kurds as enemies. As a result, their work was thoroughly rubbish; wherever there is a Kurd lifting his head they act. The decision of early election is a result of the fact that this despicable corruption and misappropriation is no longer enough. It is a typical feature of a special war. It's a bit of a mess.

I realize that most of these are things that most people know. The point I want to make is another one. Politics is dominated by coups in Turkey. Erdogan made a lot of coups during his rule. Perhaps one of his most serious coup was rejecting the election results on June 8th. But it was on July 20th when he gave the biggest blow. Parliament was bypassed and he began to rule the country by taking decisions on the OHAL and law. He tried to maintain his power in a coup d'état. The removal of immunity, the appointment of a controlling administrator to the municipalities, and the political genocide operations were some of the features. Fascism tries to keep the power by retaking power every short time. Erdogan is doing it, and will continue to do so.

Erdogan knows, like Bahceli, that there is a high risk of losing in early elections. So in order to revert this possibility, what is their plan? Let's just say that they will try the trick. Could it be possible to raise a total of fifty percent of the votes when this percentage has fallen below 40 percent? Who could be make such an irrational trick become true? Suffocation can be a solution to this. There is a lot of play in the Ottoman Empire; solution games, coup games.

Fascist dictators always use similar methods. Hitler, for example. On January 30, 1933, Hitler's first job as chancellor was to resort to the general election manoeuvre. While all the parties wee conducting the election work, the Reichstag building, where Parliament is was gathered, was burned down. The day after the fire, Hitler signs a decree annulling the constitutional rights and freedoms.

Immediately afterwards, the German National People's Party, allied with his own party, stops election work for parties outside. They arrest the executives and deputies of the Communist Party. The sister party is added to his party. He also won the presidential elections in 1934 thus concentrating on himself both roles.

If he wins the June 24th elections, the presidential government system that Erdogan will try to put in practice won’t be so different from Hitler: it will be an individual system. The decision of early election is a frontal blow to help this system transition. It is clear that the way to keep this dictator in power for life is passing the June 24th elections. A fascist head, focused on absolute win, will not refrain from resorting to actions like the Reichstag fire when necessary. The MHP may join the AKP after the elections. The other parties must be in full vigilance against similar crimes in the next election. 

Erdogan considered the fake coup on July 15th as Allah blessing to him. Erdogan, who has a reduced hope of winning, may try everything in the coming election process. He can use every method from political murders to slaughter attempts by appealing to 'Divine Grace'. 
Any type of conspiracy that comes to mind can be conceived. Therefore the June 24 election process is likely to witness conspiracy and provocations. 

The dictator did not build a thousand-room palace in vain. In each of these rooms conspiracy against people is being conceived. Unless we are able to decipher this conspiracy mechanism and destroy it, it would be difficult to destroy Erdogan-Bahçeli fascism.

I want to emphasize this once more: pay attention to the conspiracies of the Dajjal-Iblis partnership!