Declaration of the Youth Writing History Conference Principles

"If in 1848 the Communist Manifesto, which still influences millions of people today, called out "Proletarians of all countries, unite!", today we want to take up this legacy and shout: Young people of all countries, unite and change this world!”

Over 400 young people from 40 countries and 95 organisations, movements and parties have been exchanging views on the challenges of our time and common perspectives for action at the "Youth Writing History" conference in Paris since Friday.

The conference concluded with a declaration calling on the young people of all countries to “unite and change this world”. The declaration highlighting the main principles of the Youth Writing History Conference includes the following:

“As the youth of the world, as well as humanity as a whole, we are currently confronted with a systemic crisis of unprecedented intensity. The ecological catastrophe is worsening daily, wars are intensifying everywhere, nationalism and fascist movements are spreading across the globe. In order to fulfill its endless thirst for profit, the capitalist world system is destroying the environment and ultimately robbing humanity of its basis of life. We experience the consequences everywhere, be it in our personal lives or in our environment: social isolation, feminicide, poverty, misery, violence and environmental disasters. We are growing up in a catastrophic world and we refuse to accept the reality that is presented to us. Young people around the world are organising and fighting for a better future. For us, being young means searching for the truth, for a better world and a better tomorrow. We are convinced that we can achieve this. If it is not us who intervene in this crisis, who will? If we don't start acting now in the face of these disasters, when will we do? Against this background, we have come together in the "Youth Writing History" network to put our common struggle on a new footing.

We want to discuss, network, educate and organise together. So, we, over 400 young people from 40 countries and 95 organisations, movements and parties, declare that:

  1. A solution to the current global crisis can only be achieved outside the existing capitalist system and only by building a new, just and truly democratic world order.
  2. To achieve this goal, the unity of all democratic-revolutionary and anti- systemic forces in the world is needed. As "Youth Writing History" we work on the basis of mutual respect for our different forms of organisation, ways of struggle and political traditions. Furthermore, we actively work on the worldwide unity of all struggles and resistances that are in fundamental contradiction to the ruling system and its world order.
  1. Our common networking and organising is based on the principle of "unity in diversity". We focus on the principles that unite us, our common goals and our resolute opposition to capitalism, while leaving room for differences, contradictions and diversity in theory and practice.
  2. Our common point of reference is internationalism and the realisation that a different world can only be achieved through the common struggle of all oppressed people worldwide. We defend the fraternity of peoples as a fundamental value of our network.
  3. We fight against all forms of domination, exploitation, capitalism and its ideology, liberalism, which divides society under the flag of false freedom and promotes individualism, patriarchy and the destruction of nature and we stand together against sexism, racism and any oppression based on gender, sexual identity, religion, handicap, language or nationality.
  4. We are united in our fight against all forms of occupation and colonialism and recognise the right to legitimate self-defence of every society. We consider it one of the most urgent internationalist duties of the youth in struggle to, first of all, fight resolutely against the imperialist policies spreading from our respective homelands. We defend the right to self- determination of all peoples and declare our solidarity with all oppressed peoples, especially the Palestinian people and the Kurdistan liberation movement.
  5. We regard fascism as a common enemy of humanity and the resurgence of fascist and historical revisionist tendencies as a threat to peace and the future of our societies. As a network, we resolutely stand by the peoples and youth in the anti-fascist struggle.
  6. We consider the youth as the most dynamic part of any society and the engine of any change. We consider the autonomous organisation of youth, based on their own strength and independent will, as a guarantee of the pioneering role of youth and the key to the constant renewal of our struggles and organisations.
  7. We stand firmly on the side of all peoples in struggle and declare our solidarity with the revolutionary struggles in all countries. We regard the liberated and self-governed territories of this world, from the indigenous regions of Abya Yala, to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the free mountains of Kurdistan, the strongholds of the liberation movements and antiimperialist struggles in Asia, as well as the struggles for national self-determination on the European continent and the ongoing struggle against colonialism and neocolonialism in Africa, as outposts of free humanity. The defence of the achievements of the struggles of the past decades is our common task.
  8. While the rulers of this world act together and in a coordinated manner against our struggles, their repressive apparatuses exchange information and persecute oppositionists and revolutionaries across all national borders, our movements and struggles often remain isolated from one another. The rulers are coordinated worldwide, so, we rely on global cohesion and international solidarity. Wherever our movements are attacked and persecuted, we will support each other and back each other up. Together we will work for the freedom of all revolutionary prisoners. Amid the global campaign for the freedom of the revolutionary Abdullah Öcalan, which started on 10th October, we declare our support for the demands of the campaign "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan - A political solution for the Kurdish question!

Our cooperation and collaboration will be based on the aforementioned principles. We may have different ways of thinking and we may have different methods, ways of working and traditions in our movements. We differ in our cultures and languages, some of us come from large movements and some from smaller ones. But we do not see our differences as an obstacle. Instead, we see this diversity as a richness and on this basis, we want to discuss together, learn from each other and join up forces. Our differences are our strength, it will not weaken but strengthen us on our common path. Our fundamental common ground is our opposition to capitalism, our insistence on humanity. In the face of the global crisis, the ever-increasing war, the ecological catastrophe, the enslavement of women and a system that tries to rob us of our right to a dignified future, our differences and contradictions must fade into the background. As the youth of today, we have a responsibility towards history that we have to fulfil. We no longer want to wait for tomorrow, we want to build a free life here and now. And we are willing to fight for it.

This world and humanity need a youth that has will and strength, is organised, believes in itself and is radical. The current problems will not be solved within the capitalist system; seeking solutions within the cage of capitalism brings no advantage. Capitalism has driven humanity to the edge of the abyss. Our survival is only possible through the defeat of capitalism and the construction of a different life and a different world. The conclusions we draw from the current situation show very clearly that we must come together and become an organised force in the shortest possible time. What is needed is a unity of spirit and strength among young people in struggle worldwide. If in 1848 the Communist Manifesto, which still influences millions of people today, called out "Proletarians of all countries, unite!", today we want to take up this legacy and shout: Young people of all countries, unite and change this world!”