Delegation from Northern and Eastern Syria meets with German MP Catherine Hanenberger

A delegation from Northern and Eastern Syria met with German MP Catherine Hanenberger. At the meeting, the attacks and threats by the invading Turkish state and the obstacles to the Autonomous Administration were discussed.

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria met with German parliamentarian Catherine Hanenberger at the German parliament building in Berlin. MSD (Syrian Democratic Council) board chair, Îlham Ehmed, Autonomous Administration Europe representative Abdulkerîm Omer and Autonomous Administration's German representative Xalid Derwîş were part of the delegation.

Abdulkerîm Omer spoke to ANHA about the meeting and said that both sides shared their views on many issues of mutual interest. Omer said he talked with Catherine Hanenberger about the recent developments of the crisis in Syria, the views of the MSD and the Autonomous Administration on the crisis in Syria and the outcomes of the meetings with the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Omer said: “We discussed the situation of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, the economic, humanitarian and security obstacles faced by the administration, as well as the danger of ISIS and the threats of Turkey that disrupt the security of the region.”

Omer said that during the meeting, the delegation focused on the responsibilities of the international community and Germany in supporting political solutions, as well as on the fields of education and training, health, municipality and agriculture, aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens in order to ensure stability in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Omer said: "Catherine Hanenberger told us that stability needs to be ensured in Northern and Eastern Syria and that she will meet with the relevant parties to demand them to fulfil their responsibilities and help remove the obstacles in Northern and Eastern Syria."