Demirtaş responds to Erdoğan’s “death penalty” message

Responding to Turkish President Erdoğan’s “death penalty” message, HDP’s Demirtaş said; “I will take no step back”.

Speaking at a rally in Kocaeli province ahead of June 24 elections, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continued his insults and threats against HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş, who is jailed in Edirne Prison since November 2016.

Erdoğan said; “This man is imprisoned at the moment. Judiciary must make a decision for him as soon as possible. We should ask the families of victims what sentence they want about this man who has caused the death of so many people.”

As Erdoğan spoke, the crowd chanted “death penalty”, in response to which he said; “If the Parliament happened to submit such a decision to me, I would approve it instantly.”

Demirtaş, who is running his election campaign from prison, has responded to Erdoğan on Twitter through his lawyers, saying;

“Erdoğan says that he will have me executed should he get elected. Do you see what a presidential candidate promises to the people in the Turkey of 2018? I would sacrifice my life a thousand times for our people and take no step back.”