Demonstration against Iran in Gothenburg

A demonstration was staged in Gothenburg, Sweden in protest at the Iranian regime that intensifies its repression and attacks against the Kurdish people.

Following a call by PJAK (Kurdistan Free Life Party), Kurdish organizations staged a demonstration in Gothenburg city of Sweden against the Iranian regime’s execution of three Kurdish activists and bombardment of Kurdish parties in South Kurdistan.

Demonstrators called on the western countries that don’t go beyond being an onlooker to the incidents to break their silence and take a stand against the Iranian regime.

Speaking on behalf of PJAK, Lehun Lehuni said it was no coincidence that the attacks on Kurds came shortly after the summit in Tehran. Lehuni added; “By executing prisoners and committing massacres on the basis of false accusations, the Iranian regime is committing a crime against humanity in front of the whole world.”

Remarking that the Iranian regime’s goal was to suppress the Kurdish people’s demand for freedom, Lehuni called on all the people of Kurdistan and their friends to enhance the solidarity with the people of Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) that are resisting against the Mullah regime in Iran.