Demos in solidarity with Rojava in Sweden

Protests were organized in the Swedish capital Stockholm and the city of Malmö to express solidarity with the people of Rojava who resisted the Turkish invasion of their land.

Left Party Stockholm Regional President Elena Karlström, Social Democratic Labor Party International Relations Committee Member Johan Hassel, Hasse and co-chair of Swedish Democratic Kurdish Community Center Rıdvan Altun joined the action that took place in Medborgarplatsen Square in Stockholm.

Left Party Foreign Policy spokesperson, Kerstin Lundgren, Socialist Deputy Amineh Kakabeveh, Anna Sundström Chairman of the Olof Palme Center, Moderate Party Deputy Margaretha Cederfeldt and Latin American Groups sent messages of solidarity to the meeting.

Johan Hassel said that the Swedish government should condemn the Turkish state's invasion of Rojava and should put pressure of the European Union to implement the arms embargo.

Pointing out that despite the efforts of Europe and Sweden to stop the occupation, the Turkish state is continuing its attacks on Rojava, Hassel said: "There is much more to be done. Our brothers and sisters there fought against ISIS for our lives. We must support their struggle against the occupation."

Left Party Stockholm Regional President Elena Karlström stated that the Turkish state started the invasion of Rojava and Northern Syria also using the excuse that the PKK is on the list of terrorist organizations and asked for the PKK to be removed from that list.

Rıdvan Altun, co-chair of the Swedish Center for Democratic Kurdish Community, praised the resistance of the people in Rojava, as well as in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Latin America. Altun stressed that they would be in solidarity with the people of Rojava until the Turkish state is defeated.


A rally to condemn the Turkish occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria was organised in Malmö by Rojava Committee and the Democratic Kurdish Community Center,.

The speeches on behalf of the organisers of the demonstration condemned the occupation of the Turkish state. Calls were made to the European Union and the United Nations to work to try and put an end to the occupation.