'Donation' means extortion for workers in Van Municipality

The trustee appointed to Van Metropolitan Municipality, has cut 1,200 TL in April from all the municipality workers to support the "donation" campaign launched by Turkish President Erdogan.

While economic packages are being prepared in many countries of the world to help people affected by the coronavirus emergency, in Turkey the package devised by the government actually resembles "extortion" labeled as "donation".

Under the "donation" campaign announced by the Turkish President and AKP leader Erdogan, workers have begun collecting money from their jobs.

Hundreds of workers are getting minimum wages in Van Metropolitan Municipality and have been now dealt another blow by Erdogan's "donation" campaign.

It was verbally announced by the municipal authorities that hundreds of workers will suffer a cut in their salaries. Accordingly, 1,200 TL a month will be taken from the salaries of workers for at least four months.

A municipal worker who spoke to ANF under conditions of anonimity stated that the municipality annouced the cut verbally, rather than in writing.

The worker said: "The municipal unit supervisors will make a cut of 1,200 TL from salaries this month and for at least 4 months. No worker voluntarily gives this money. Cutting this money is totally arbitrary, it is without our consent."