DTK's Güzel: The Kurdish people is ready for national unity

DTK Co-Presidency Council member, Mekiye Güzel, said that the people of Kurdistan are ready for unity and that wherever there is an attack against the Kurdish people, people in the 4 parts of Kurdistan respond to this.

Following the Turkish state's attack on North East Syria, the issue of unity of the Kurdish people came up again.

Mekiye Güzel, a member of DTK Co-Presidency Council, spoke to ANF about the democratic nation and national unity.

Güzel pointed out that the attacks on the Kurdish people are increasing and added that national unity is a must for preventing these attacks.

Güzel insisted that unity of the Kurds is the most important issue of the 21st century for Kurds and added: "One of the reasons why Kurds have not been united so far is the division of Kurdistan into four by the imperialistic power."

But today, said Güzel, "Kurds have a great opportunity. There is a war in the Kurdish territory and there are serious threats against the Kurdish people. The whole world is talking about the disintegration of Kurds. This historical opportunity needs to be well exploited and the Kurds must achieve unity. If we miss this opportunity, Kurds will remain without status for more than 100 years."

Denied For 100 Years

Adding that the Kurdish people are ready for unity, Güzel said: "Where there is an attack against the Kurdish people, the 4 parts of Kurdistan stand against these attacks. If we reach national unity, we can stop the attacks and massacres, there are 40 million Kurds living in the world, now we have to accelerate this work."

Güzel continued: "If the Kurds had been united in World War I, they would not have been divided into four parts. At that time the Kurds were scattered and were not united. They could not rule themselves because of the lack of unity. Therefore, the existence of Kurds was denied by other countries. Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria denied the existence of the Kurdish people. The identity and existence of Kurds have been denied for 100 years. Therefore, the realization of national unity for the Kurds is very important and almost compulsory today."

Güzel emphasized that each nation determines its own destiny, but today the fate of the Kurds is determined by others, by their enemies. Güzel said Kurds are the greatest actors in the Middle East and added: "The Kurds are a powerful people who will create their own solution. They are not obliged to live according to imperialist forces."

Güzel ended her remarks by saying that "Kurds changed the life imposed by the imperialist forces with their struggles. There is great resistance to oppression and occupation in Rojava. In Rojhilat, the Kurds are mobilising, in Bashur they are reclaiming their will. The Kurds are calling for unity on all sides and want this century to be the century in which national unity if finally reached."