Election fraud in virtually all provinces by the AKP - PART 1

For the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the AKP-MHP has resorted to fraud and violations in virtually all provinces and districts during voting.

Some of the violations and irregularities reported on in the media in three major cities in Turkey are as follows:


- Unmarked vehicles without license plates were seen in the Hasan Kağınıcı Elementary School in the Demirkapı neighborhood .

- A citizen who attempted to document the fight that broke out at a ballot box in the Kocamustafapaşa Elementary School in Fatih had his phone and ID confiscated.

- AKP members were seen wearing blue ribbons as a means of signalling and identification in schools in and around Bakırköy.

- Some people wearing July 15 lapel pins were seen in various schools, to which the lawyers on duty objected on grounds that it "represents a political party".

- AKP members in the Şiir Mektebi Middle School in Güngören attacked HDP's officers.

- AKP's neighborhood representatives attacked IYI Party MP Ümit Özdağ in the Mehmet Akif Ersoy Elementary School in Kağıthane.

- A citizen in the ballot no.1035 in the Girls Vocational High School in Sarıyer said they made a mistake and asked for another voting slip, and witnesses objected and wrote a report when the ballot chair attempted to provide the new slip.

- In the Kazlıçeşme Abay Religious Elementary School in Zeytinburnu, a group of 50 people attacked the HDP members before voting began in the morning.

- A fight broke out when people objected to an irregularity in the Ahmet Haşim Elementary School in Bayrampaşa. A man who attempted to record the fight was attacked by AKP members.

- A sack full of stolen votes were brought by a bus to Piripaşa Elementary School in Okmeydanı. Ballot officers were not allowed inside the school and the police confiscated phones during the transport of the votes.

- CHP's female witnesses and lawyers were attacked twice and threatened by men wearing traditional clothes in the Hüseyin Ersu Elementary School in Sultangazi.


- A ballot officer in the ballot no.2425 in the Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Anadolu High School in Çankaya allowed two people to vote when their names were not on the list.

- AKP Ankara MP Yalçın Akdoğan visited the Akgül Ulusoy Elementary School in Çankaya even though he wasn't voting there. Akdoğan said he was visiting when asked whether he came to vote, and had to leave when citizens present in the school protested.

- Elderly voters entered the booths with their relatives in the Cumhuriyet Elementary School in Polatlı. (Voters who need assistance must receive said assistance outside the booths and then mark their actual votes in private.)

- All roads leading to the Supreme Board of Elections (Yüksek Seçim Kurulu - YSK) headquarters were closed off by Metropolitan Municipality trucks and other vehicles. The police stationed around the YSK attempted to stop journalists from taking photographs. A total of 3 midibuses, 3 public transport buses and 1 police van's worth of police officers were stationed in front of the YSK.

- 6 Oy ve Ötesi ("Beyond the Vote") volunteers were battered in the Özkent Akbilek Middle School in Sincan. The school was hit by tear gas.

- At 07:00 in the morning, witnesses were not allowed to enter even the school yard and were told it was because "voting already started" in the Kavaklıdere Middle School in Çankaya. Party representatives and lawyers intervened to remedy the situation.

- Ballot committee chair in the Necla Ilhan Ipekci Middle School in Gaziosmanpaşa told the witnesses they couldn't stand near the ballots before the counting and didn't allow them in. When he also tried to stop people writing a report and issuing a complaint, an appeal was submitted to the District Electoral Board via lawyers.

- Votes were cast in the Adaören Neighborhood Hall in the Beypazarı Adaören neighborhood at 09:45.

- Military Academy students (who are legally prohibited from voting) cast votes in the TSK Mehmetçik Vakfı Hafize Ihsan Payaza Elementary and Middle School in Çankaya, despite objections from citizens.

- Voting was halted in the Refika Aksoy Elementary School in Batıkent when observers suspected disappearing ink in the stamps. Voting resumed when citizens made sure the ink did in fact remain visible.

- Witnesses and lawyers were prevented from filing complaints by the ballot committee in the Ülkü Ahmet durusoy Middle School in Etimesgut. Police attempted to remove the witnesses and the lawyers from the polls. The issue was resolved when witnesses switched places with others.

- Lawyer Hazal Serdar on duty from the Ankara Bar Association was forcibly removed by the police when she objected to the irregular practices by the ballot committee chair in the Altaş Atatürk Technical Vocational High School.

- A woman entered voting grounds wearing an AKP t-shirt in the Ibrahim Akoglu Elementary School in Keçiören. She was removed from the ballots by citizens present.

- Ballot committee officers accompanied elderly voters into the booths and guided illiterate citizens to vote for Erdoğan and the AKP in the Nazife Hatun Elementary School in Altındağ. Lawyers' objections were not registered in the reports.

- A citizen who was deaf and mute but not mentally disabled was prevented from voting in the Battalgazi Vocational High School in Mamak.

- Roads leading to the Supreme Board of Elections (Yüksek Seçim Kurulu - YSK) were cut off with trucks.


- A voter in the Musafa Reşit Paşa Elementary School was given two envelopes.

- AKP's parliamentary candidate Necip Nasır and AKP Youth Organization members formed a convoy as they arrived at the Çimetaş Elementary School in Bornova. HDP members objecting to the convoy were battered. There were police officers with long barrel rifles in the school yard.

-AKP member Gökhan Aslan was caught doing a livestream from the booth. He threatened the ballot committee officers from the HDP who caught him and said, "You won't be able to get out of here, we'll see you when you do."