Erdoğan describes himself

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke about Syria and said, “What kind of a peace is this? You make a strike, and then speak of peace.”

Turkish President Erdoğan spoke at the Global Entrepreneurs Congress. Erdoğan spoke about the attack against regime targets by the US, France and the UK and, forgetting his own invader position in Syria, asked “What kind of a peace is this?”

One of the people fundamentally responsible for the crisis in Syria, and the only one in an official invader position, Erdoğan said:

“Now, how can we explain what is happening in Syria? (...) They are singing a tune, that they carried out the strike for using chemical weapons? What are we going to do about those who have been killed by conventional weapons? Leave the people killed by conventional weapons aside, could that be justice? We say let’s lay the foundations for a new peace in this world. Let’s not randomly rain down bombs on these countries like this. Let’s not rain down barrel bombs. When it comes to talk, all say ‘peace, peace, peace’. What kind of a peace is this? You make a strike, and then speak of peace. We are better off without such peace. Let’s be honest. Let’s be sincere.”

Speaking of honesty and sincerity, Erdoğan is at the top of the list of forces that carry out massacres against Kurds with conventional and chemical weapons. The Turkish state is in the position of the invader from Jarablus to Afrin, and has killed hundreds of civilians in the bout of invasion attacks against Afrin launched on January 20, and displaced hundreds of thousands. Historic and religious spaces have been damaged and civilian infrastructure has been systematically bombed. The same Erdoğan continues to intensely and systematically commit war crimes in Northern and Southern Kurdistan. Erdoğan is at the top of the list of administrators who explain massacres and genocide with “security” and “establishing peace”.