Europe-wide demonstrations against Turkish occupation

In many European cities demonstrations were held against the Turkish occupation war in southern Kurdistan and Erdoğan’s threats against Rojava and northern Syria.

The Europe-wide Kurdish umbrella organization KCDK-E had called for protests against the occupation wars of Turkey in Kurdistan, which was followed by people from numerous European cities and took to the streets yesterday.

Many people gathered at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and marched to the Brandenburg Gate. During the demonstration, they repeatedly chanted slogans like "Turkish army out of Kurdistan" or "Germany funds - Erdoğan bombards".

In Frankfurt am Main, too, many people took part in a demonstration from Frankfurt central station to the city center.

In Münster, people joined a rally against the Turkish war in Kurdistan to inform interested passersby about the situation in the region.

In Munich also there was a protest against the Turkish war threats against Rojava.

In Draguignan, France, the local Kurdish community organized a protest together with solidary groups.

Another protest in France took place in Marseille, where many people gathered for a rally.

Also in the French cities of Rennes and Bordeaux people took to the streets against the Turkish occupation.

In the Greek capital of Athens, a demonstration from the Athens Academy to the Turkish Embassy in the city took place.

Numerous people gathered in the Hague to draw attention to the war policy of the Turkish government with a press release. Statements were read in English and Dutch.

In Graz, Austria, people gathered for a demonstration that started from the South Tyrolean Square. The demonstrators condemned the war of Turkey in Kurdistan.

A rally took place in the Austrian capital Vienna. The participants pointed out with their banners that Turkey is waging war against the Kurds while they are fighting against the ISIS in Rojava.