Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Committee in South Kurdistan calls for protests

The Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Committee in South Kurdistan mobilises for protests on the occasion of the anniversary of the international plot on 15 February 1999.

In southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), mobilisation for action against the international plot against Abdullah Öcalan has begun. 15 February marks the 24th anniversary of the PKK founder's deportation from Kenya to Turkey in violation of international law. Protests by the Kurdish community are taking place around the world to mark the occasion.

The Sulaymaniyah-based Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Committee issued a public press release on Saturday to initiate mobilisation for protests to mark 15 February. The committee called upon the public to participate in the activities to demonstrate that the Kurdish people do not accept the plot against their freedom.

The committee also raised the issue of total isolation on the Turkish prison island of Imrali, where Öcalan and three other Kurdish prisoners are being held as political hostages. In this context, the committee denounced a failure to act by the Council of Europe and its Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT).

"As long as the institutions of Europe do not fulfil their responsibility as defenders of human rights and neglect their duties, they are considered by us as pillars of the international conspiracy," the committee said.