Freedom March in France arrives in Reims today

The Freedom March in France left Soissons to arrive in Reims today, the 22nd day of action.

The 25-day Long March carried out in France to demand freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, will leave from Soissons today to arrive in Reims.

The march has been attended by Kurds living in France as well as internationalists. 

On Sunday, the march left the city of Soissons where the crowd danced and sang. TEV-ÇAND artists also added color to the Freedom March with their songs.

Activists said: “Let 2024 be the year of Leader Apo. Kurdish people must take to the streets and protect their leader wherever they are. Let's all go to Cologne on 17 February to join the European central march to demand freedom for our leader."

The people of Soissons on Sunday showed interest in the march, which was quite crowded  despite the pouring rain. Activists walked for kilometers and decorated the streets of the historical city with Abdullah Öcalan posters.