Freedom Marchers meet in Strasbourg, march to the CoE

Freedom Marchers, who set out from Germany, France and Switzerland as part of the campaign for freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and a solution to the Kurdish question, met in Strasbourg and marched to the Council of Europe.

The Paris March that started in France on 22 January, the Internationalist March that started in Basel on 11 February and the Journey to Freedom that started in Mannheim, Germany on 9 February met in Strasbourg, France this morning.

Calling the 15 February Conspiracy the day of genocide of the Kurdish people, the activists started the day by fasting in protest against the conspiracy.

The meeting, which saw great participation, turned into a march that echoed on the streets of Strasbourg.

The activists marched to the Council of Europe building to protest against the conspiracy and isolation.

The demonstration, which was closely followed by European and other media outlets, reached in front of the Council of Europe after about 10 kilometres. During the march, slogans condemning the Turkish state and the co-operating European governments were chanted. The activists frequently chanted slogans such as "Bijî Serok Apo", "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan", "PKK is the people, the people are here" and "Solution to the Kurdish question".

The demonstration will be followed by a conference on 16 February in the morning. In the evening, the activists will travel by bus to Cologne, Germany.

From their starting point to Strasbourg, activists partaking in the three long marches held many diplomatic meetings with municipalities and civil society organisations in the cities they visited on their route. They sent nearly 1000 cards in support of the campaign for 100 thousand cards from the Kurdish people to be sent to Abdullah Öcalan. Tens of thousands of leaflets were distributed during the course of the three marches. On 17 February, calls were made for participation in the march and rally in Cologne, Germany to protest against the international conspiracy and for a solution to the Kurdish question.