Galbraith: Time to stop considering PKK a terrorist organisation

The two-day conference at the European Parliament on Rojava and the Turkish occupation ended today with a call from former US diplomat Galbraith who said that "now is the time to stop seeing the PKK as a terrorist organization".

The last session of the conference which began at the European parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, was held under the general title of "Holding the Turkish state responsible".

"The Kurdish question is a question which has been neglected so far. - said Green MEP François Alfonsi - Today we need to pay more attention to it. Europe must understand that in fact in Turkey is not just a problem of a threat posed to peace. Turkey has entered a long dictatorial process."

However, Alfonsi also expressed the need to be optimistic, “Erdogan is weaker both as to internal and external support." Alfonsi was satisfied with the work done at the conference and said: "Today we are writing a page, but more pages will be written until the victory of the Kurds."

Former American diplomat and political adviser Peter W. Galbraith said: "I agree with Recep Tayyip Erdogan's opinion that there is a problem of terrorism on the borders. But the Kurds in Rojava did not posed any threat on Turkey. On the contrary it is a fact that many terrorists crossed into Rojava from Turkey.

Let's be clear, all foreign fighters crossing into Syria passed through Turkey. First of all, they fought against the Kurds. All were coming from Turkey. (...) Turkey continues to support al-Nusra and HTS. They are part of Al Qaeda."

Galbraith made some suggestions and said: "Donald Trump is a corrupt, malicious person. If the United States cannot be leader, then it must be Europe."

Galbraith suggested that a US Congress delegate should be invited to Northern and Eastern Syria and as to the PKK said: "It is time to stop seeing the PKK as a terrorist organization."