German police raid Kurdish institutions in Neuss

As in Turkey, a political campaign of annihilation is being waged against Kurds and their institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany.

German police have been increasingly targeting Kurdish institutions and political and cultural activities.

Reports are coming through that the German police targeted Kurdish institutions in the city of Neuss Tuesday morning.

Offices of Mesopotamia Publishing and Mir Multimedia were raided once again today after both institutions had been targeted by the German police last year.

While details about the operation are yet not available, search in both offices is reportedly continuing.

Offices of Mesopotamia Publishing and Mir Multimedia in the city of Neuss had been raided by the police on March 8, 2018 and searched for three days. Thousands of books, CDs and an archive of songs were confiscated. There were Kurdish-German dictionaries and pedagogical books among the confiscated lot.