German police raids target Kurds in Osnabrück and Münster

Under massive police presence the Kurdish association in Osnabrück and the house of a responsible person of the association in Münster were searched.

One day after a solidarity event for Rojava in Münster yesterday at 2 pm the Kurdish association Democratic Kurdish Community Centre (DTKM) in Osnabrück and the apartment of a responsible person of the Kurdish association in Münster were searched by the police and state security forces at the same time.

The searches took place under massive police presence and both in the Kurdish association in Osnabrück and in the private apartment in Münster dozens of association documents, books, brochures, computers and telephones were confiscated.

In a press release, the umbrella organization FED-MED NRW (Federation of the Freedom Society of Mesopotamia in NRW) condemned the house searches and pointed out that such measures are by no means new; these house searches are part of a systematic criminalization policy conducted by the German state against Kurdish activists.

In addition, the umbrella organisation called for solidarity with the people of Rojava and the criminalised community centres of the Kurdish population.