Germany finally takes action against Turkish fascists

After France, Germany is preparing to ban Bozkurt (Gray Wolf) Movement, the racist paramilitary force of the Turkish state. The draft laws of the ruling and opposition parties against the Idealist Movement will be discussed in the German Parliament today.

European countries, which have been silent to the pro-AKP-MHP extremist Turkish nationalists for years, are finally taking action to ban these groups. Germany is taking the first serious step in this regard today, after the ban on Grey Wolves in France, which was involved in violence recently.

In Germany, which is one of the countries where Turkish nationalists are well organized, two different draft laws have been submitted to the Federal Parliament to ban the activities of the Idealist Movement and affiliated associations. One of the bills was prepared by the Left Party and the other by the government parties. Along with the Christian Union parties (CDU / CSU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) that form the government in Germany. The Green Party and the Free Democrats Party (FDP) also support the second bill.


It has been learned that these two drafts, which are expected to be discussed in the Federal Assembly tomorrow, will be reviewed today in the evening. After the reading and discussion of both drafts, a decision is expected to be announced in the Parliament. According to the information obtained from sources close to the Left Party, there is a possibility of merging both drafts.

The draft of the Left Party, which has been making attempts for years to ban the associations and organizations linked to the nationalists, demands that more radical measures be taken against Turkish nationalist groups. The draft indicates that Bozkurt thought is contrary to the values of humanity, and those people who belong to this movement are racists targeting the Kurdish people, as well as other ethnic and religious groups living in Turkey.


The proposal of the Left Party consisting of 8 articles, insists that all symbols, associations and activities in connection with the Grey Wolf Movement should be banned. In addition, the bill, which states that one needs to be in solidarity with people and institutions under extremist Turkish nationalist threat, argues that members of the Grey Wolf groups should also be followed and tried.

The draft prepared by the parties forming the government under Angela Merkel, the Greens and the FDP consists of 6 articles. This draft also highlights the dangers of the Grey Wolf thought, and the activities of the German Democratic Grey Wolf Turkish Associations Federation (ADÜTDF) and the European Turkish-Islamic Culture Association (ATİB). The draft argues that serious measures should be taken against extremist Turkish nationalist groups and associations that do not act according to the law should be banned.


The Turkish nationalist movement in Germany is organized under the umbrella of the German Democratic Gray Wolf Turkish Associations Federation (ADÜTDF), which has 170 member associations. It is estimated that 7 thousand nationalists are members of these associations. According to Germany's internal intelligence service, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, this number is over 10 thousand. Despite the frequent reports of the intelligence that the Idealist movement threatens the country's internal security, the government does not take any serious measures.

From the 1980s onwards, nationalists have been involved in many attacks, murders and provocations against opposition groups in Germany, especially the Kurds. As the AKP-MHP government which fuels Turkish nationalism in Turkey helped Turkish Grey Wolf movement to create more space in Germany, attacks and violence of the Grey Wolves have increased.


European countries had been silent about the Grey Wolves Movement for years. The racist Turkish movement has discriminated minorities living in Turkey and has become the paramilitary group of Erdogan’s regime in recent years.

However, the first serious reaction against the Grey Wolves Movement, also known as the Ülkücüler in Turkish, which attempted to lynch the Kurds in Austria and then the Armenians in France in recent months, came from the Paris administration in early November. While the French government has decided to officially abolish the Grey Wolves, a similar ban is expected to spread to all European countries.