"Germany should stop arms sales to Turkey"

Germany’s Federal Parliament MPs protested the Turkish army using German-made Leopard-II tanks in the invasion operation against Afrin.

MPs in Germany’s Federal Parliament protested the Turkish army using German-made Leopard-II tanks in the invasion operation against Afrin. MPs spoke to Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper and gave a clear message to Germany’s government: “Take a stand against the war in Afrin, don’t be a partner in the war against Kurds, stop arms deals and trade with Turkey immediately.”

Die Linke Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairperson and Foreign Affairs Official MP Sevim Dağdelen said the following on Germany’s position in the Turkish state’s war against Kurds: “The German government becomes a party to Erdoğan’s crimes of raising tensions in Syria and spilling more blood through sharing the data gathered by UAVs and Tornado’s. All arms deals with Turkey, including that of Rheinmetall for the modernization of Leopard-II type panzers, should be stopped immediately.”

Die Linke Domestic Policy Spokesperson Ulla Jelpke pointed out that Turkey uses Leopard-II tanks and German weapons in the invasion operation against Afrin and said, “This shows how hypocritical the German government’s policies are.” Jelpke added: “The German government should take a clear stand against Turkey’s attacks on Afrin that trample international law, instead of babbling on about Turkey’s so-called need for security.”

Jelpke pointed out the civilian casualties in Afrin: “The use of German panzers show the German government’s share in this attack. The German government should stand against the Erdoğan regime’s attacks that go against international law, and end arms sales. Another signal would be through the lifting of the ban on YPG/YPJ symbols in Germany. Otherwise, the German government will have stood with the attacks.”


Die Linke MP Martina Renner said, “Turkish President Erdoğan wants to tear down the democratic structures that stand against the jihadist terror in Rojava and the terror of the Russia-backed Assad regime. The German government should stop all arms negotiations with Turkey, and should stop acting as the long arm of Erdoğan in targeting Kurdish organizations. I hope the German government will side with other NATO states for a ceasefire and works to ensure aid organizations can continue their activities in safety. All in all, it was the Kurdish fighters who prevented the ISIS advance and protected human rights in certain areas of Syria.”


Die Linke MP Helin Evrim Sommer said, “Civilians are dying, and the West just watches. Worse, the West is betraying Kurds who they fought together with in the war against terror in the Middle East.” Sommer warned that if the modernization of Leopard-II panzers is approved, Turkey’s war against Kurds will have been actively supported and stressed that there is a risk that Germany becomes party to the Turkish state’s crime. “People are killed with German panzers,” said Sommer and added: “The German government should immediately stop all arms exports to Turkey and cancel all arms deals until Erdoğan stops waging a war against Kurds in Syria and in his country.”

Sommer said it would be appropriate for the UN Security Council to convene for Afrin and continued: “But one shouldn’t go into expectation. In the end, Kurds have to again rely on their own strength and look after their own.”


Die Linke MP Andrej Hunko said the following: “The Turkish state’s invasion of the Syrian-Kurdish city of Afrin is a severe violation of international law, it should be clearly condemned and stopped at once. The symbolic ‘tea party’ summit of those who sit in temporary government seats, their return to a chummy relationship with the Erdoğan regime is completely unacceptable. I demand the German government condemn the Afrin attack clearly and withdraw their panzers at once. The UN and the EU should also clearly condemn criminal Turkey’s attack. As Die Linke, we will take the matter to the European Parliament and condemn it.”