Governor of Sulaymaniyah: Kurds are part of the solution, not the problems

"Kurds have always been part of the solution in the Middle East, not part of the problems, conflicts and wars," said Heval Ebubekir, governor of the South Kurdistan city of Sulaymaniyah.

The Governor of Sulaymaniyah, Heval Ebubekir, spoke to ANF about the Turkish state's invasion attacks against southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), threats and the Kurdish attitude against war.

Pointing out that there are two options for the occupying Turkish state in the current world conjuncture, Heval Ebubekir said, "One is the option of war, the other is peace and dialogue."

Heval Ebubekir underlined that Kurds should have an opinion on both issues, saying, “But I think they should say "We are not at war, we have always defended ourselves. We can work on the option of peace and dialogue, because this is the right way".

‘The Kurds are always part of the solution, not the problems’

Emphasising that "Kurds are always part of the solution in the Middle East, not part of the problems, conflicts and wars", the Governor of Sulaymaniyah said: "It is important for Kurds to work on two bases. Firstly, they should overcome internal contradictions and secure the peace, stability and economy of their region by avoiding regional wars and conflicts."

"We hope that the Kurds will prepare themselves for national dialogue, national unity and in cooperation with international institutions in order to examine these scenarios and situations," said Heval Ebubekir, adding that there are very good opportunities for the Kurds to do so.

‘The Kurds are an important factor for stability and economy’

"The Kurds are an important factor for regional stability and the economy, both today and in the future," he added.

Ebubekir said that as governor of Sulaymaniyah he had informed the Turkish Consul General in the Kurdistan Region and the Turkish Foreign Ministry that civilians had been killed in the last four bombings and that civilians' homes, vineyards and lands had been targeted, adding that Kurdistan did not pose a threat to neighbouring countries.

"Let's share the experience of agriculture and trade together, not the option of war," Heval Ebubekir said, wishing that the war would end as soon as possible and peace and stability would develop in all parts of Kurdistan and the countries of the Middle East.

Ebubekir added, "The threat to South Kurdistan and Kurdistan is a threat to the entire world economy. This is a fact that has been valid throughout history. I hope that Kurds will not be seen as a problem and threat, but as a source of solutions to problems."