Green Left Party conference ends with resolutions for the future

The two-day Green Left Party conference ended with a number of resolutions. The focus of the debate was on the fight against the solitary confinement of Abdullah Öcalan and the nomination of the candidates.

The two-day conference of the Green Left Party at the Nazım Hikmet Congress Center in Ankara ended on Monday evening. The Green Left Party initiated a restructuring process immediately after the elections and organized popular assemblies, workshops and working meetings to receive criticism and suggestions. After the women's conference on 8 and 9 September, these criticisms were brought together at the general conference and corresponding resolutions were made.

The fight against isolation

The total isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan was a central theme of the debate, together with issues such as the Kurdish question, the war, the trustee administration in the cities, the politics of the third way and the possibilities of democratic politics.

The conference said that one of the biggest obstacles to democratization in Turkey is the absolute isolation in Imralı that has lasted for 24 years. In this sense, it was repeatedly emphasized how important it was to permanently fight for an end to Öcalan's isolation and his physical freedom.

The candidates are chosen by the people

The conference also discussed the distribution of places on the list for the elections. In response to criticism of the previous candidate selection process, the conference delegation made an important decision in the spirit of direct democracy. It was decided to use a grassroots democratic, pluralistic selection process in which the people can express their choices for candidates. Party members, religious figures, intellectuals, mass democratic organizations, civil society organizations, mothers of peace, associations of the families of the martyrs, elements of the democratic opposition and election officials should take part in this process. For this purpose, a regulation for the selection of candidates and a corresponding guideline should be developed.

Discussion about a new name

Among many other topics, the conference also discussed the new names proposed for the party at the people's assemblies. About 20 names were suggested at those meetings. The names containing the word “democracy” predominate. The Peoples' Democratic Party (DHP) was one of the most suggested names. But there were also proposals such as the Party for Equality and Democracy of Peoples (HEDEP), Party for the Equality of Peoples (HEP), Party of Free Society (ÖTP), Party of Free Life (ÖYP) and Party of New Life (YYP).

The conference adopted a total of 24 resolutions that will be presented to the Congress in October. The headings of the resolutions are as follows:

1- A democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question

2- Democratic politics, the third way and alliances

3- We insist on “democratic local governments” against the trustees regime

4- Freedom and equality for all faiths

5- An indispensable task: work organization

6- Democratic economy that serves the people

7- Solidarity in earthquakes and disasters

8- Fight against drugs

9- The free press must not be silenced

10- Party council list, co-chairs and other committees

11- The people will choose our candidates for the parliamentary and local elections

12- Organizational steps of restructuring

13- We will build the Democratic Republic

14- Peace and overcoming war and isolation policies

15- Prisons, rights violations and ill prisoners

16- Fighting crimes against nature

17- Germinate seeds

18- A fair and solidarity policy for the disabled

19- Fraternity of peoples in a world without borders

20- Free future with children

21- Strengthen the fight for the right to mother tongue, support multilingual life

22- Culture and art

23- Implementation of the party school program

24- Youth Councils