Guerrillas Vedat Ayhan and Dilan Gökalp laid to rest

Guerrillas Vedat Ayhan and Dilan Gökalp, who fell as martyrs in Lice, were buried in their hometowns.

The remains of Vedat Ayhan (Mahsun Hêşetî) and Dilan Gökalp (Zin Amed), who fell as martyrs in the invasion attack launched by the invading Turkish army on 3 June in the countryside of the hamlets Hemza and Antixan in the Barah District of Lîcê (Lice) in the province of Amed, were identified by their families.

After the identification, the bodies were taken from Diyarbakir Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) by the families.

HPG guerrilla Ayhan was brought to the cemetery of the village of Heşetî in Siirt (Sêrt). When Ayhan’s remains arrived in the village, many people went to pay respect. After the religious duties, Ayhan was buried.

YJA Star guerrilla Gökalp, who fell as a martyr in the same clashes, was buried in Bismil, in the neighbourhood of Şentepe, under police blockade.

It was learned that the body of a third guerrilla, whose name could not be learned, is still in the ATK.