HDK says attacking graveyards is a crime against humanity

The HDK stated that the attacks on cemeteries and funerals are a crime against humanity.

Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Peoples and Beliefs Council issued a written statement today about the brutal attacks on cemeteries, people's remains, cemevis (Alevi place of worship) and churches.

In the statement the HDK said: "The lack of respect for the dead in a war, extermination of peoples, are seen as a war crime in international law, the same as the use of weapons of mass destruction. As places of worship carry the values of believers, they are places that must be respected."

The statement added: "The destruction of graves, attacks on people's remains and attacks on places of worship in recent weeks are hurting the desire of living together. There is no punishment for destroying graves because it is general understanding that nobody would attack graves and the dead."

The HDK called on people to "protect our historical relationship with the places of worship, death and graves. We all have a social responsibility to make sure that they are protected in order for the society to live in peace."