HDP Amed MP Tosun: The Kurdish people have demanded freedom for Abdullah Öcalan at Gemlik March

HDP Amed MP Remziye Tosun noted that the AKP-MHP government is trying to manipulate the Gemlik March and said: "The Kurdish people have unanimously demanded freedom for Abdullah Öcalan."

“The Kurdish people have no patience, the peoples have no patience, the women have no patience. They all want freedom for Abdullah Öcalan,” said HDP Amed MP Remziye Tosun, adding that the message given in the Gemlik March should be read correctly.

The AKP government, which has partnered with the MHP in Turkey and deepened its internal war policies, carried out operations in the Media Defense Areas in cooperation with the KDP, and attacked Shengal and Rojava with the support of NATO. Turkey has been implementing the heaviest isolation policies in Imrali since 1999. Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan has not been able to meet with his family and relatives for 7 years. The AKP, which has locked the doors of Imralı, is trying to draw positive results in its favour from the general elections to be held next year, with its policies of denial and liquidation.

HDP Amed MP Remziye Tosun spoke about the policies carried out by the AKP with ANF and called on the government to read the message given in the Gemlik March correctly.

Remziye Tosun said that Abdullah Öcalan has been kept in aggravated isolation conditions since he was imprisoned in Imrali prison in 1999 as a result of an international conspiracy, and added that he was able to meet with his lawyer and his family, albeit partially, until 2015, but his isolation became more severe after the "solution process" ended 7 years ago. Tosun continued: “Turkey and Kurdistan are under isolation. Women, children, youth, democratic politics, non-governmental institutions have been put in isolation. We should not evaluate isolation in one dimension. Today, the Imrali isolation has spread all over.”

They want to break the will of the people in the 4 parts of Kurdistan

Noting that the isolation policies have been deepened, Tosun said: “We can give many examples of this. The explosions that took place in Suruç, Ankara bus station and Antep after the June 7 elections, and most recently the killing of Deniz Poyraz, are the results of these isolation policies. I commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution with respect. The government wants this isolation to continue all over Turkey and Kurdistan, and it wants to maintain its power with war policies. They are carrying out a war in Iraq, Zap and Shengal. They want to break the will of the 4 parts of Kurdistan.”

Gemlik message must be read correctly

Remziye Tosun said that the Gemlik March held in such a situation had historical significance. “The Kurdish people have no patience, the peoples have no patience, the women have no patience. All of them want Abdullah Öcalan's freedom. Abdullah Öcalan wants to bring peace. He called out through his brother Mehmet Öcalan, ‘Give me a week’, he said, and ‘I'll stop the bloodshed’. But the government responded with blood, tears and death to this call. The government insists on war. The policies of assimilation and special warfare will not succeed again. Although the government tried to manipulate it, thousands of people chanted a single slogan in places such as Amed, Adana, Istanbul and Kadıköy. “We want Abdullah Öcalan's freedom” they said. Everyone, especially the government, should read this message correctly.”