HDP to hold rally in Amed: “Let's defend peace and democracy together”

HDP Amed provincial administrator Mervan Yıldız called on people to participate in the party rally to be held in the city on January 22 under the motto “We defend the HDP.”

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will hold a rally in Amed (Diyarbakır) on January 22 under the motto "We defend the HDP" to protest the increasing attacks against the party, the deepening social isolation, femicides and the special war policies carried out in the Kurdish region.

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz, HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar and HDP deputies are expected to attend the rally at Station Square. Koma Pel and Ayfer Düzdaş will appear on stage during the rally.

HDP Diyarbakır provincial administrator Yıldız made evaluations about the importance of the rally and the ongoing preparations.

'HDP promotes social peace'

Yıldız recalled that the Kurds have always faced various policies and the closure case against the HDP can be considered as a part of these policies. Yıldız emphasized that the closure of the HDP should not be considered as the closure of an institution. “The HDP is a popular party both in Kurdistan and other parts of Turkey and represents the will of millions. Therefore, we cannot consider the closure of HDP independently of democratic backsliding, crackdown against the opposition, youth activism and the freedom of women. We can say that the HDP is the only party that aims to achieve social peace in the country. The closure case has been introduced for this very reason.”

'Kurds are political people'

Yıldız remarked that the closure case is tantamount to isolating society. “With our rally, we want to confront the political system. Right, they can close the HDP because they have closed many parties that represented the Kurds before. Still, after each attack, people embraced the party even stronger. Since the current government does not believe in pluralism, it thinks that the votes will go to them in the event that the HDP is closed. However, the Kurds are political people. The Kurdish people have so many political gains, so they cannot be tricked by the government. The pressures may keep increasing, but that doesn't mean that we will renounce our party. People say that 'this city is mine'. That's why we wanted to organize such a rally,” Yıldız said.

'Kurdish question is ignored'

Yıldız, according to whom the government knows very well that the HDP is getting stronger, pointed out that the Kurdish people will attend the party rally on January 22 despite the increasing attacks against the HDP. “Once Amed responds to the government, policies are developed to deal with it. Closing the HDP means ignoring the Kurdish question. We are visiting and inviting everyone to attend the rally. During our campaign we have seen people expressing their dissatisfaction with the ruling AKP.”

'Let's defend peace together'

Yıldız pointed out that the various social segments in Amed would participate in the rally at Station Square on January 22 and made the following appeal: “We want everyone who insists on a new life and promotes peace to attend our rally. We know that we will win by resisting. We can do so by being visible in the public sphere. Let's defend peace and democracy together.”