HDP Youth Assembly calls for participation in the process of democratic transformation

The Executive Committee of HDP’s Youth Assembly calls on all young people to participate in the democratic transformation process they have started, saying: “We will build the politics of the future.”

In a written statement on Monday, the Youth Assembly of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) said: “Turkey has left behind the most unequal and unjust electoral process in its political history. In this period, when all kinds of oppression and fraud were introduced, the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan struggled to protect their democratic will and reflected their will at the ballot boxes with intense participation in the voting. They strongly revealed their demand for change, both on the streets and in the elections, to protest the government's lack of pro-youth policies.”

The statement added: “We are aware that our party HDP, which is the party of women and youth, bears responsibility for the election results. We admit that we remained inadequate in responding to the expectations and needs of our patriotic people and the democratic public opinion. As a response, our party has launched its congress process for reconstruction. We will come together with all segments of society, especially the youth, all over Turkey, by making comprehensive endeavours to review past mistakes and to prepare for the new period of struggle. We will manage a radical criticism-self-criticism process to determine our deficiencies and inadequacies, and we will continue to build the politics of the future.

According to our tradition, election results do not have the final say, but always point to a new beginning for the expansion of struggle. For us, elections constitute only one stage of our struggle, and political activity should focus on the streets, factories and the entire public sphere. In this context, as the HDP Youth Assemblies, we announce that we will play our role based on the responsibility we have inherited from history in the new period. We will strongly take part in the reconstruction process based on the expectations of our patriotic people.

We call on all young people to participate in this process and ensure democratic change in order to contribute to the reconstruction process of our party and to expand the democratic struggle in Turkey.”