How 'Marya Hill' in Zap turned into 'Hell Hill' for Turkish soldiers

There is a story of how the hill, which the Assyrian people called 'Marya'. It looks defying, like a natural fortress made of cliffs in the middle of Zap, turned into Hell Hill for Turkish soldiers.

The Turkish army attacked Zap from land and air. There is a hill there, that the Assyrian people of the region called 'Marya'. It looks quite high and majestic when viewed from South Kurdistan. On this hill, where cliffs prevail, rocks and forests are intertwined. It is a very suitable area for guerrilla warfare. The hill gets narrower as you go from the skirts to the summit. In fact, it looks like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. It stands in the middle of Zap, almost like a rebel who looks down on his surroundings. It challenges its surroundings like a natural castle made up of cliffs.

Among the guerrillas, this natural fortress is not called 'Marya'. This is a hill that has been heard a lot lately. It's called "Enter Hell". In fact, the name has been given to remind Turkish soldiers that once there they will be in hell.

How Marya Hill became Hell Hill

In a 'cross-border' invasion attack by the Turkish army, Turkish soldiers settle in Marya. Since the hill is high, sheltered and dominant, the commanders and generals of the period deployed many soldiers here. The guerrillas immediately began preparations for a major action. The guerrillas killed more than 100 of the soldiers on the hill by their actions. Many, like today, threw themselves off cliffs, went mad, hid in the depths of trees and rocks in the depths. The response by the guerrillas spoiled the psychology of the commanders and generals as well as the soldiers. The dialogue between a wounded soldier trying to save himself from the guerrillas during the action and his commander causes the name of this hill to be changed. While trying to escape with injuries, the soldier, while trying to hide from the guerrillas in the cliffs and terrible terrain of the hill, responds to his commander, who calls out to him by saying "tell me where you are" by saying "I am in hell, I am at the bottom of hell". It was after these words that Girê (Hill) Marya's name was changed to 'Girê Hell'.

Enter hell!

In recent months, this hill or Zap did not allow the Turkish army to pass through. The Turkish army, too arrogant to learn from their past experiences, attacked this hill again in 2022.

History repeats itself

The Turkish army is going through hell again in Girê Hell. For example, what happened on 24 May was that the invading soldiers positioned in Girê Hell and guerrillas attacked them. It's 5 am. A mobile guerrilla team infiltrates the Turkish positions under the reconnaissance planes and carries out a successful action. The Turkish positions fell, the corpses of soldiers laid there and the guerrillas seized their weapons.

Similar to what happened in the past, the guerrillas are defending themselves under much more difficult conditions and are making the Turkish army experience hell once again.

As a result of this spectacular action that lasted for 12 minutes, the Turkish army lost a total of 18 men, including 2 senior commanders. The footage of the action published by Gerîla TV showed the state of the Turkish army.