HPG statement on guerrilla actions and Turkey’s occupation attacks

Resistance against the Turkish invasion of Southern Kurdistan continues. HPG reports that one soldier was killed in an action in Metîna while Turkey’s chemical agent operations continued in Avaşîn.

A member of the Turkish army has been killed by guerrillas in the Metîna region. This is according to a statement by the People's Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Gel, HPG) on the current war in southern Kurdistan (northern Kurdistan). According to the statement, the action was carried out on Friday and was directed against the Turkish military positions at Girê Şehîd Çiya.

In Avaşîn, an advance by occupation forces on Girê Sor was thwarted by guerrillas. According to HPG, the slopes of the peak were intensively shelled over the past two days, and heavy weapons and artillery were used. In the course of the successful resistance, the Turkish army had to withdraw from the region. 

The statement reported that the Turkish army continues to use chemical warfare agents against the guerrillas' underground positions in the Werxelê area, as in previous days. HPG pointed out that continuous reconnaissance flights are taking place over the region. Last night, the areas of Stûnê, Girê Şehîd Rizgar, Girê Şehîd Elî and Werxelê were bombed by attack helicopters.

Zap region

The Şkefta Birîndara area in the Zap region has been under almost continuous attack from Turkish border guards with heavy weapons between August 24 and 27. Yesterday, simultaneous airstrikes were conducted from around 1 p.m. local time and lasted for about 20 minutes. The bombardments have ignited a wildfire.

Air strikes in Kanî Masî

Civilian settlement areas also continue to be the target of Turkish army attacks. The HPG press office registered several air strikes on villages in southern Kurdistan again the previous day. At noon, fighter jets attacked the village of Şiyê in Dînartê near Akrê, and strikes by attack helicopters targeted the villages of Dêşîşê, Derarê, Kêste and Seraru in Kanî Masî around midnight. At the same time, the surrounding areas of Girê Koordîne, Girê Azad and Kela Qûmriyê were bombed.