Human chain for Rojava in Bremen - LineUp4Rojava

The association "Bremen for Rojava" has organized a human chain in solidarity with the resistance against the invasion in Northern and Eastern Syria. The action met with broad interest.

Many people expressed their solidarity with the resistance against the invasion of Turkey in Northern and Eastern Syria with a human chain in Bremen on Saturday. On the occasion of the internationalist day of action, the association "Bremen für Rojava" had called for the demonstration under the motto "LineUp4Rojava - Standing Together for the Resistance". The 1000-meter-long route led from the main station to the cathedral station and met with great interest.

The action began with a minute's silence for those who had fallen in the Turkish offensive which is contrary to international law. Afterwards a spokeswoman of the alliance held a speech, in which she reminded of Andok Cotkar (Constantine). The internationalist from Kiel died in the defence of Rojava during an air raid by NATO member Turkey on 16 October 2019 in Serêkanîyê (Ras al-Ain) in Northern Syria. He was just one of many internationalists who have defended and helped build the Rojava’s multi-ethnic revolution.

"Whether in Latin America, the Middle East or West Africa, hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets to fight for a fairer world, for an end to oppression and for their fundamental rights. We stand here today to make their struggles visible and to show solidarity with them. They are not alone. We also stand in solidarity at the side of our Kurdish friends and against the criminalisation of the Kurdish freedom movement. Because especially here in Germany people are repressively approached when it comes to the Kurdish movement", said the spokeswoman.

A member of the Bremen chapter of the Kurdish student association YXK read a letter from a child who survived the Tel Rifat massacre. On 2 December, ten people died during the Turkish army's attack on the site in the northern Syrian canton of Shehba. Eight of them were children between the ages of three and 15.

Further speeches were given by representatives of the MLPD and other solidarity groups.

At the Domshof there was a closing rally, which was introduced with the Chilean performance "The rapist is you!” The women had a clear message: "Women all over the world are fighting against oppression and violence and here in Bremen we have all set an important sign for the women's revolution".

Afterwards, the participants of the human chain danced the traditional Govend to Kurdish music before the event ended with applause.