Hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan try to cross the Turkish border

Despite the freezing cold and snow, hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan try to cross the Turkish border into Northern Kurdistan and finally into Europe via Turkey.

The flight after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan continues. Hundreds of people seeking protection try to reach Northern Kurdistan via Iran and the Turkish border and from there to Europe via Ankara and Istanbul. Many people die and disappear in ravines and snow. Only a few days ago, a woman froze to death after making gloves for her children out of her socks. Her two children were rescued by villagers from the Özalp district. The Human Rights Association (IHD) has registered the deaths of at least 160 migrants in the Van region over the past three years. 49 of them froze to death, 68 drowned in Lake Van, 42 died in traffic accidents and one person was shot dead. The real number is probably much higher.

The Turkish-Iranian border between Eastern and Northern Kurdistan has been upgraded with EU accession funds. The Turkish state is building a wall along the border, forcing refugees onto ever more dangerous routes. The deadly border is thus an outpost of the EU's isolationist policy.